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And you are in the right place to find all types of mortar and special products for joining bricks, covering walls, among many other uses.

Mortars consist of a mixture between a binder such as gypsum, lime or cement, together with water and sand. From there arise the multiple applications of the mortar, utilities and variants, which admit different types of finish.

There is a classification of mortars and in Microcementos Online we have all the options for the different uses of these materials. Lime mortars are specifically used in the rehabilitation of buildings, while waterproofing agents are indicated to prevent dampness due to capillary action and the sealing of cracks.

In the case of single-layer mortars, its application on facades and exteriors is dazzling. There are also continuous coatings with decorative and protection functions for the walls on which they rest.

As you have already noticed, there are many options for the construction site. Consult for all the possibilities of use of our mortars and we can advise you to choose the one you really need. In this way, time and money are saved.