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Tools are instruments that are designed and manufactured in different materials to fulfill one or more specific purposes. Repair and build are the main functions. Many, but not all, tools are simple machine combinations that provide a mechanical advantage.

At we offer you a wide and select variety of tools that will allow you to work with the microcement in an effective and fast way.

The tools are divided into two main groups: manual and electric. These are subdivided according to their use, such as measuring, tracing, clamping, cutting, roughing, hitting and machining.

Manuals are also known as hand tools. They need human muscle strength to function and there are different types depending on the job. We can identify pallets, trowels, sandpaper or rollers.

In the case of power tools you need a different source of energy, additional, in this case, electrical power. We can highlight different types such as sanders, vacuum cleaners, polishers or mixing rods, among others.

In addition, there are tools for floors that are used in the application of self-leveling agents and in the general category knee pads and specific shoes for the work to be performed are also included.