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Find out everything you need to know about Beach Feel. This innovative pool coating system for a natural finish and excellent results.

Producto F-300
F-300 Satin clear water based acrylic resin

Water-based acrylic resin that can be used as an adhesion promoter on porous substrates to facilitate the anchoring of other coating products such as microcement, waterproofing mortars, etc.

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Producto F-300
Ecopox Cem Plus 3C Back Pressure Vapour Barrier Mortar

Counter-pressure waterproofing that acts as a perfect vapour barrier to prevent rising damp, as well as for sealing cracks in stucco, slab cladding, etc.

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Producto F-300
Pavimper 2C FAST Waterproofing Mortar

Two-component elastic waterproof mortar.

Specially designed for waterproofing swimming pools, terraces, water tanks, etc.

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Producto F-300
expoxy primer Pavex 2C Primer PLUS

Back-pressure waterproofing that acts as a perfect vapour barrier to prevent rising damp, as well as for sealing cracks in stucco, slab cladding, etc.

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Producto F-300
Thickener for Pavex 2C Primer

Back-pressure waterproofing that acts as a perfect vapour barrier to prevent rising damp, as well as for sealing cracks in stucco, slab cladding, etc.

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Make the pool you can imagine with our products

This construction option based on microcement and other components will allow you to create the fun and relaxation area that every customer desires, as well as being very easy to maintain and clean. The feel of the surface is really pleasant to the touch and it is also, non-slip, This will prevent the dreaded tripping on wet surfaces.

On the other hand you can offer materials that do not overheat in full sunlight, improving the customer experience by avoiding the need to wear flip-flops or other footwear, so you can walk on the outdoor surface without having to wear flip-flops or other footwear.

The design of the sand pool in confined spaces

One of the main characteristics of the sand pool is the way it recreates the beauty of a natural beach. In this sense, the absence of steps and the progressive entrance is a feature you can't do without. Even if the place chosen for its location has limited dimensions, you should opt for a design that allows you to preserve this particular morphology.

The recommendation in these cases is for an open-plan pool, without islands, rocks or other decorative elements that could reduce the size of the bathing area. When space is limited, minimalist is always more effective. It is not advisable to include structural elements in the design of the pool, the ideal is to play with other aspects such as light or colour..

The sand-coloured liner has a particularly striking aesthetic effect and is also great for making the most of all the light in the location where you build the pool. On the other hand, this type of finish gives the water a light turquoise-green colour. very attractive and will add a distinctive touch to your pool.

It is likely that the dimensions of the space will not allow you to create a spa area or a special corner for children. That is why it is advisable to emphasise other aspects that do not reduce the space and that add originality to the result. In this sense, the lights in certain areas of the swimming pool, generate a feeling of spaciousness and counterbalance the absence of other decorative elements.

Diseño piscina antes y despues
Frequently asked questions
What materials are needed to build a sand pool?

This type of alternative opens very interesting doors in the sector. More and more hotel companies and individuals are becoming interested in the aesthetics and performance of sand pools. Do you already know what materials you need in a work of these characteristics? At Microcementos Online we help you with the whole process.

What are the basic materials for the construction of sand pools?

Apart from the tools and other additional products that you can use to obtain a more spectacular finish, when building a sand pool, these are the materials you will need:

Gutinated concrete:

It could be said that this is the base of the pool. The material that is used in the pool to guarantee its watertightness and the adherence of the rest of the materials. Concrete is the solid base that all pools need to ensure their durability and to rule out the appearance of leaks.


In this second, more superficial layer, special fillers or resins are used. These are the materials that will give the sand pool a more natural look. They are coatings made from compacted sand which, in addition to adding colour to the pool water depending on the shade of the material itself, ensure that the pool can be walked on without the risk of slipping. On the other hand, the application of polyurethane resins prevents the surfaces from absorbing heat, making walking on these materials a pleasant sensation at all times.

In our online shop you will find a wide variety of resins and microcements, waterproofing mortars, fixing and priming products before painting so that you can obtain excellent results in all your projects.

Swimming pool materials for safe and efficient construction:

There are many defining aspects in the manufacture of a sand pool: its design, its location, its environment... But what is really relevant in the result, at a functional level, are the materials used for its construction.

Quality materials guarantee that, regardless of the design chosen by the client, they will enjoy their sand pool for a long time with the same aesthetic and safety conditions as on the first day. For this, it is necessary to resort to brands that offer guarantees, as is the case with Pavistamp.

Support for professionals: We explain you the secrets of sand pool construction

We explain the secrets of building a sand pool.

Our work as professionals in the sector of resins and coatings for the manufacture of sand pools is not limited to the sale of products. We want you to know in detail the material you are acquiring, its features and how it is applied.

Good customer service and excellent results in your work require you to have a broad knowledge of the product you are handling. Regardless of the high quality and durability of the materials we offer you, as a construction professional you will find it very interesting to learn about the characteristics of our fillers, resins and microcements. This information is very useful for perfecting your work technique and for adding value to the services you offer your clients.

Consult our team of professionals to get the technical support you need. The material, the application system you should use, the waiting times, the most aesthetic and safe finishes... Together we will find the optimum answer so that you can build the luxury pool your client dreams of. Few distributors of resins and microcements for the construction of sand pools offer you such a professional customer service as ours. We take care of every detail of the sale to ensure that you know perfectly the product you are buying and how to handle it. Because your success as a builder is also our success as a supplier of high quality materials that allow you to carry out your work much more efficiently and easily.

What maintenance do sand pools require?

The maintenance required is the same as for any traditional pool. These pools are lined with compacted sand which makes them easy to clean. They are suitable for any type of climate, even in places where there is snow. Each sand pool is exclusive and can be adapted to any space, both in terms of shape and depth, making them an ideal complement.

Transform any garden into an oasis of tranquillity. Quartz sand pools have such a striking aesthetic that they are capable of turning a conventional garden into a stylish and glamorous space. Traditional pool designs are becoming outdated because quartz sand pools offer better performance and a much more attractive look.

How to make a sand pool with resin

We show you how to make a sand pool with resin in 3 easy steps, with this system you can turn a normal pool into a fantastic sand pool. This type of swimming pool made using the resin system is an exceptional alternative to the conventional construction methods and aesthetic finishes of swimming pools built in houses, fields or urbanisations.

In this section we will focus on the lining of sand pools with resin.

Below we include a video in which we explain the execution in three simple steps, so that you can see how easy it is.

All the materials and products that appear in the video can be found in our online shop, below you will find some of the products that appear in the video so that you can easily locate them. However, if you have any questions, contact us and we will help you to clear all your questions.

How to coat a sand pool with resin

The existing substrate must be resistant, free of loose areas and possibly consolidated, cleaned by drainage with an anti-pollution layer and compacted in accordance with the requirements of the project or site management.

On cementitious substrates, these must be fully cured (28 days).

1st PHASE Waterproofing of the vessel

On gunned concrete basins without back pressure waterproofing, apply UNICEM 2 C 2 sealing mortar. Direct pressure waterproofing of the basin, apply 2 crossed coats of Pavimper 2C fast (on tiles it can be applied directly).

2nd PHASE Vessel lining

Apply a coat of PAVEX PRIMER as a bonding bridge and when it has dried to a tacky touch, apply the Pavidur 1C + accelerator and aggregate system with a trowel.

  • The drying time will vary depending on the ambient temperature and humidity.
  • Do not apply when there is a risk of rain, freeze-thaw, direct sunlight or temperatures below 5ºC or above 30ºC.
  • Always have tarpaulins available in case of emergency (rain, ice, extreme temperatures...).

Use as an agglomerate with aggregates

Example dosage:

aggregate 5-9 mm = 3 a 5 lt de Pavidur-1C + accelerator and 100 kg of aggregate.

Example dosage:

aggregate 3-5 mm = 5 a 7 lt de Pavidur-1C + accelerator and 100 kg of aggregate.

Example dosage:

aggregate 1-2mm, = 7 a 10 lt de Pavidur-1C + accelerator and 100 kg of aggregate.

Mix the aggregate and Pavidur-1C + accelerator, with a concrete mixer or manual mixer at low revolutions for at least 10 minutes, or until the paste acquires the necessary tackiness. Once the agglomerate has been obtained, apply and smooth with a trowel, to facilitate sliding and prevent the aggregate from sticking to the trowel, it is advisable to regularly spray the trowel with a concrete release agent.

Application temperatures: between 5 and 30 ºC (measured on the floor).

3rd FASE Sealing with Orfapol resin, solvent-based colourless gloss

1° application:

mix and stir component A+B and dilute 100% with universal polyurethane thinner.

2° application:

Mix and stir component A+B and dilute 50%.

The second coat shall be applied 24 hours after the first coat with a short nap roller, for polyurethanes, stretching the product and without overloading.

For further information and performance, please refer to the product data sheets.

Do not seal until the substrate is dry or below 4% humidity of ambient temperature and existing humidity. Do not fill the pool until 7 days after application of the sealing resin.

Any questions you may have about the implementation

You can contact our technical department at the following telephone number:

902 301 710 or 633 599 222.

Or you can fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.