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Know everything you need to know about Beach Feel. This innovative pool coating system to achieve a natural finish and to show off excellent results.

How to make a natural pool of sand? You count on us at all times to advise you on the products you need and the steps to follow to make this resin sand pool. We offer you our kits with all the products to waterproof the surface, the putty, resin or microcement systems to facilitate the task and avoid acquiring the products separately with the risk that this implies, of forgetting any.

Quartz sand is one of the sands that can be used to achieve artificial beach pools . There is also the natural and Mediterranean colored silica sand to achieve that beach feeling at all times combined with non-slip properties so as not to be afraid when walking.

The size you have is not important. A small sand pool can be made without any inconvenience. In our blog you have numerous articles to understand what the system is about, see multiple photos in our gallery and realize the dream of a swimming pool with a sandy beach feeling.