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At Microcementos Online we offer extraordinary adhesion coating solutions to create unique spaces with perfect thin-film textures and finishes. If you are looking for a quality floor and wall covering you have come to the right place.

Microcement is a cement-based material that is typically 2 to 3mm thick and can be placed on any surface without the need to lift the previous coating. So it can be on ceramics, marble, concrete, tiles, among others.

Its versatility allows it to be applied horizontally or vertically, both in wet areas such as bathrooms, swimming pools or hot tubs, and in kitchens. It is also suitable for outdoors. It can coexist with other materials in perfect harmony.

With specialized labor, it is an easy and quick to install material. The smoothed microcement color chart is very wide depending on the type chosen. Due to the addition of elastoplastic elements to the paste, it is less brittle than ordinary smoothed cement.

We have cementitious micro cement for all types of floors . The decopox micro mortar is ideal for application to industrial buildings due to its resistance to traffic, while the Micropol polyurethane micro mortar is perfect for swimming pool floors.