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Find in Microcementos Online the best way to seal walls and pavements with our different types of resin, synthetic substances that act as additives to fulfill certain functions in construction, such as joining and protecting structures.

What is synthetic resin for? To cover floors and surfaces that are exposed to abrasion, to act as a bonding bridge so that it is easier to anchor another type of product such as a microcement, among others. The task that must be carried out will be important for the various ways of applying and using the resins.

Acquire price and quality with our materials. Epoxy resins for surfaces exposed to corrosion; acrylic resins for floors, for the treatment and protection of concrete pavements and road signs on roads; transparent polyurethane resin for interior and exterior surfaces and binder resins for the drainage of floors or coatings for swimming pools and solariums, among others.

In some cases, resins allow you to choose from a range of colors, while in other cases they are transparent. It depends on the type of material.

We want our products to be applied correctly. This is why we include application recommendations and methods of use to achieve the expected results.