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Microcementos online, was born from the need to join forces between a large manufacturer of mortars with a track record of more than 25 years in the market and an external commercial team enthusiastic about distributing, positioning and giving a greater dimension to an unbeatable range of products, in the new world market, which represents online commerce.

The origins of this company began with the firm decision to implement the stamped concrete technique in the national market, positioning it in a short time at No. 1 in sales of this product, later and once consolidated in the national market, it began its expansion towards Europe and other countries in the rest of the world, with new products such as single-layer mortars, glue cements, resins, repair mortars, thematic rock, epoxy paints and microcements, currently having a commercial presence on all continents.


We have the latest and best technology for the preparation of mortars and microcements in industrial facilities of more than 7000 m2, this, unlike most brands present in the market that are not manufacturers, allows us to produce our own mass colored microcements, This industrial process benefits both the professional of the application and the final consumer, since this avoids the usual discoloration or color changes caused by pigmentation on site by the applicator (liquid in acrylics or solid in fine powder) . since it is very difficult to always maintain the same dosage of acrylic and microcement.

This is usually one of the most recurrent problems and the worst solution in the application of microcements.

The factory has a management system, in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008 Standard, audited and certified by LGAI Technological Center APPLUS for the activities of design and production of products, coating systems for floors and facades, as well as the marketing of tools for the application thereof.

All products meet the requirements of the UNE-EN standard:

  • Self-leveling EN-13813: 2003
  • Industrial flooring EN-127020: 1999
  • Repair mortars EN-1504-3


We have our own internal laboratory with qualified personnel who constantly investigate new formulations and developments that allow us to be in constant innovation.

We produce our own resins, paints and surface sealants in order to control all episodes of a flooring or cladding by means of our own products, only in this way can an unbeatable final result be guaranteed.


We always try to work with national raw materials that allow us to control your production process in an exhaustive way, with this we can offer a final product of the highest quality.

Our range of products is wide, so all productions are periodically reviewed following a rigorous manufacturing protocol to guarantee quality from exhaustive controls and certifications carried out by independent approved laboratories.


As a consequence of all the above, we are able to offer a 5-year guarantee on all our products.



    We have plans for companies and freelancers who want to be trained in the different application techniques of our products, whether they are self-leveling or microcements.

    It is essential that the applicators know perfectly the products with which they work since this will result in the final result of the work.


    This type of training offers you the possibility of learning the application techniques of our products in real works executed jointly between your officers and our technician, being this formula much more agile and practical to learn, or in your facilities, doing a lot more profitable the course as it will not require your employees to travel.

    The cost of these trainings is recovered 100% through additional discounts that we later offer you when purchasing our products - Call us and we will inform you.


    We put at the disposal of our clients a free attention service through our commercial telephones, if you have any difficulties or doubts you may have at the time of executing a work, do not hesitate to contact us, you will receive effective and prompt advice by our technicians.


    We are a dynamic and flexible company adapted to the needs of the sector pending the satisfaction of our clients, so we try to always be present at the most representative trade shows to expose the novelties that we develop.