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traditional monolayer mortar
  • traditional monolayer mortar
  • traditional monolayer mortar
  • traditional monolayer mortar
  • dry mortar
  • dry mortar
  • dry mortar

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Revistamp Colors
Dry mortar resistance


Continuous monolayer coating for decorative finishing of facades and protection against weathering outdoors / indoors.

PERFORMANCES: M-80, M-120 and M-180

PERFORMANCE: 18 kg / m 2 and cm thickness

Packaging : 25 kg paper bags.

Color: Gray


Dry mortar for masonry works in general, masonry, plastering to receive paint, screed floors, terrazzo flooring ... It improves the characteristics of traditional mortars and can also be used for mechanical spraying and allows receiving any type of finish.


Enclosure of brick, concrete, concrete block ...


In preparing the mortar, use the same percentage of water and mixing time to avoid possible color changes. Application temperatures between 5 and 30ºC. In dark shades the deformations of thermal origin can increase, greater risk of appearance problems and as a consequence the formation of lime. Place fiberglass or metal mesh in areas such as, joints between different materials, floors, pillars, boxes for blinds, frame and window angles. The mesh must cover 20 cm on each side of the joint. at least remaining centered on the thickness of the coating. In cold weather, the HORMIDUR - 100 mortar setting accelerator can be used.


Placing fiberglass or metal mesh in areas at risk of cracking. The supports must be flat, healthy, stable and resistant, free of dust, plaster, paint ... In hot weather and dry wind, a humidification of the facing must be carried out before and 24 hours after the application of the coating, to favor the curing of the mortar and avoiding the appearance of cracks and cracks, as well as the formation of dusty areas. The higher the temperatures, the more these phenomena intensify. On surfaces without absorption, concrete walls ... use F-300 quick primer or F-800 bonding bridge. Avoid applying the coating in low temperatures, strong humidity, rain or ice. In the hours following the application of the mortar, the risk of the appearance of efflorescence due to carbonation increases.


  • Manual kneading : Mix a bag of Revistamp-Sec (25kg) with 3.5-4.5 liters of water approx. until obtaining a homogeneous mass and without lumps. For machine spraying use 14 - 18% water.
  • Moisten before and after applying the mortar in order to avoid the appearance of fissures or microcracks.
  • When the mortar is in its setting process, it will be given the desired finish.

  • Do not add any additive to the mortar.
  • Do not apply on surfaces where the water can remain stagnant.
  • Do not apply to surfaces where leaks, water leaks due to capillary action or the possibility of immersion of the coating in water can be expected.
  • On old supports of mortar, stone, brick, degraded facades ... it is important to eliminate the existing mortar in its entirety, cleaning the support with pressurized water or sandblasting.
  • Consumption may vary according to the state and flatness of the facing to be coated.
  • Do not apply in strong wind.
Waterproof and breathable In new construction and renovation Plasters and plasters Masonry work Projectable with machine


Rest time after kneading: 5 min. Maximum tolerated thickness: 50 mm. Maximum thickness per layer: 25 mm. Minimum thickness: 10 mm. Open time: 1-2 hours.

These times can vary considerably depending on the type of support and the environmental conditions.


Density of fresh mortar: 2037kg / m3 Workability time: 175 minutes Flexural strength: 4.1 N / mm2 Compressive strength: 6.5 N / mm2 Chlorides: 0.01%

* Tests according to the European standard, these results may vary according to the conditions of installation.

PRESENTATION: 25 kg paper bags, anti-humidity. - 1200 kg pallets (48 bags)

COLORS: White and Gray

PERFORMANCE: 18 kg / m 2 and cm thickness

STORAGE: 12 months from the date of manufacture in original closed container and protected from moisture.

Saco 25 Kg

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