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We have designed various product kits with all the necessary components for a correct application on various supports. At Microcementos Online we want to facilitate the task of our applicators. That is why we offer product sets so that they have all the materials at the best price.

All our clients will be able to access quality materials from the bonding bridge and the product to the final sealing resin. It prevents the condition of the materials and their results from starting to deteriorate after a short time.

When choosing the system to build a space or on which products to use, do not hesitate to contact us without any commitment. Together we will find the most appropriate option for your needs and requirements. Our long experience making and marketing microcement online allows us to offer you an unbeatable composition that will fully meet all your expectations.

Our kits have free shipping to the entire peninsula. Do not wait any longer and acquire, in a comfortable and fast way, the components you need to start building your luxury pool, your granite pool, the renovation of heavy traffic pavements, among others.

It guarantees maximum performance and quality in every application.